Meet Christian!

Hi! My name is Christian Jorge Miguel Castellanos Martínez.    

Age: 11 years.

Grade: 5th

What I like most about school: Being a member of the school band.

Future Job:  Firefighter

Favorite sport or pastime: Soccer

What I like to do most:  Having fun outside and I love spending time at El Buen Samaritano.

What I like most of the El Buen Samaritano: Spending time there with my friends and the volunteers.

Christian, his family, and volunteers at his home

Christian, his family, and volunteers at his home

Christian’s kitchen

Christian’s kitchen

Christian loves music. He spends a lot of his time practicing and playing percussion in the school band. He would love to read more about musicians and athletes.

We cannot believe this is the last week of our partnership with the Global Read Aloud. Thank you to everyone who participated or is still participating. We appreciate you more than we could ever express. The Palms & Souls team is going to Guatemala in March and can’t wait to share updates upon our return!