Palms and Souls- Our Next Mission


What’s next? After the library, what will we do? How can we further impact the lives of students and their families? These are the questions we have been grappling with since our campaign to build the library. If you didn’t see the amazing final result of that venture, click here. When I say grappling, I mean grappling: tossing, turning, discussing, and reading. We want to make sure our next step is the best step for the students and donors we serve.  

The more we thought, discussed, and prayed, the more we became convinced that a portion of our support should be focused on a few, chosen students in order to maximize their opportunity to excel academically and produce meaningful change in their own lives. Since we believe education is a critical catalyst for life-change, our thought process began there. So what if we provided tuition, tutoring, supplies, and uniforms to three students with assurance that we would help them navigate any financial obstacles to getting a high-quality education? What if we could do this for students that are already excelling in school? Would this give them the boost they needed to create a different path for their entire family?

We were pretty excited about these ideas and questions. Ryan was typing up the proposal to send to the directors of the community center when he felt a need to stop. This would be a huge undertaking for everyone, including the directors, who already have a pretty full plate. We decided to pause and take a few more days or weeks to pray and think on our proposal.

Well it certainly didn’t take a few weeks to find our answer. At 6 pm that same night, I received an email from the directors. They have THREE students who are excelling academically in their middle-level classes. Yes, THREE…the exact number we had in our own proposal! These THREE students are getting close to high school age. Most high schools are tuition-based in Guatemala, so these students will not be able to afford their education without our help. All students and families are willing to communicate and send documentation of their progress throughout the year. Plus, Ryan has already met all the families when he did the interviews last summer. Wow!

We had NEVER talked about this idea with the directors before, so we were in a solid state of shock and awe. We are now sure that God is behind this plan, so that’s the path we are going to follow. The directors are now in the process of figuring out the exact cost of this undertaking and interviewing the students and their families. We are thrilled to roll the entire plan out to you as soon as we have all the information. For now, pray with us for these three deserving students!