September Updates

1) All El Buen Samaritano students are attending Vicentino de Corazon, a private school! The school is renting out the community center building in exchange for all our students’ tuition-free attendance! If you missed our last post about the Guatemalan education system, check it out here. I can’t overstate how amazing this is for all the kids and their futures!

Students in school uniforms

Students in school uniforms

2)  Our generous donors were able to replace drum sticks, patch several drums, and buy three horns for the after school band. This donation allows our students’ continued participation. Danny is the band director for a few local private schools and our students get to participate if they can provide their own instruments. The band is a treasure in Jocotenango. Being a band member makes you a local celebrity. When they practice up and down the streets, neighbors come out of their houses to cheer them on. It is quite a site! There aren’t very many extracurricular options, so we are thrilled to support our musically-inclined students. For many, the band is a motivator to stay in school and involved with the community center, keeping those stabilizing and enriching influences in their lives.

3) Students have been receiving traditional cooking lessons from our very own Lady Torres (daughter of director). Students learn how to prep and cook nutritious meals that they can share with their own families.

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